How I Lost 50 pounds without going to a gym!

How I Lost 50 pounds without going to a gym!

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Can you really get an effective workout at home?

I LOVE going to the gym, and in a different season of life, I managed my weight and stress levels well by working out at gyms and going running. Now…well, I’m a stay at home, and homeschooling, mom with a large and growing family, and we live a long way from any gym. Going to a gym is SO inconvenient and expensive that it’s just not going to happen

A few years back, I lost 50 pounds (FIFTY POUNDS Y’ALL!!) in under 6 months by working out at home with my favorite dvds and eating better (NOT DIETING!).  I went from wearing size 18/20 pants to a comfortable 10. But a couple of farm injuries, a stressful move, an unexpected pregnancy and miscarriage last fall at 46 YO, letting things slip….well, I’m back up to 190 pounds. I’m a little over 5 feet tall. My feet hurt and I’m tired. And I’m TIRED OF BEING TIRED! I’m a high energy, get things done, multi-tasking kinda person, and my 41 year long dream of becoming an adoptive mama is about to come true! I can’t let worthless FAT slow me down and take years off of my life with all these precious children. I. HAVE. THINGS. TO. DO.  You do, too.

OK, OK, I know, the new mantra is, “focus on being healthy, not getting skinny”. Yes, absolutely, THAT. But I promise the dvds I’m about to list are about getting healthy by building muscle, which as you probably know BURNS more calories over the long run and helps keep that weight off (IF you keep working out – cough). And, BONUS: lifting weights increases bone density, too, helping to prevent osteoporosis.

The Cycle of Good, or Bad:

Interestingly, I’ve noticed that I’m either on a cycle of good, or bad. If I work out, I drink MORE water and less sodas and sweet tea, and I crave junk food less, I’m in a better mood, and I lose weight and working out gets EASIER. So I work out more and I lose more weight and get a lot more fit. I’m stronger and daily living is easier.

If I DON’T workout, I eat and drink more junk, gain more weight, get grumpy, and working out is SO HARD. And I’m less likely to work out, so the vicious cycle of bad just continues.

It’s pretty easy to see the better cycle there, isn’t it?

So, maybe you’re thinking, OK, but…..

“But, those cheesey dvds at my local shopping center didn’t work, so why should I waste money on more? And I’m Christian, and the immodesty and music just aren’t going to work in our home.”

I hear you. And I totally agree. There ARE a few gems to be found for sale on local shelves occasionally, but they are extremely rare. My standards have gotten really high. I want at least fairly modest clothing, NO suggestive moves, titles, lyrics, etc…, because my children are with me or close by and we try to live a life that honors the Lord. And the workouts need to produce results. I don’t have time to waste, either.


How a homeschool mom lost 50 pounds without going to a gym! You can, too!
From a size 18/20 pants down to a 10, in 6 months! NO dieting! No pills, powders, magic hoo ha.

Note: I’m not a human doctor, so please for your safety consult with your healthcare provider before doing anything – you know the drill.  I’m just sharing what has worked for me. While I am an Amazon affiliate and may get a small payment at no extra cost to you, IF you order through Amazon, I am NOT an affiliate for any producer on this list of dvds and I am not being compensated in any way by them. I paid full price for each and every one! And I would GLADLY do it again. 🙂 Oh, please do keep safety in mind with weights and keep them securely away from children.

So let me tell you EXACTLY what worked for me before.

The foundation of my program was Cathe Friedrich’s STS System.  There is SO much to know about this 40 strength workout system, but it IS easy to use. It’s really like having a personal trainer. Each workout is different and there are new challenges constantly. There is a lot of support material for this system, both with the dvds and online at  While STS is suggested for advanced exercisers, Cathe will teach you proper weight lifting form, and I appreciate her emphasis on safety. STS is appropriate for men and women.  *With ALL of Cathe’s newer dvds, you have the option of turning the soundtrack OFF completely and just listening to her clear instruction. This has been so great for me!!!*

I chose to do the 3 month rotation with STS. Basically, you go through the numbered dvds in order, from start to finish, and do 3 per week, with a day between STS workouts.  I’ll tell you what I did on those days further down.  We already owned a good selection of free weights (dumbbells), but I did add to our collection as I got stronger in the program.  I WROTE what I did down on my calendar so I wouldn’t lose track.

If I hadn’t gone with STS, I would have done Cathe’s Slow and Heavy 3 days a week for my strength training workouts.

NEXT, for cardio on 3 alternating days of the week, I chose a workout from one of the dvds in the STS Shock Cardio bundle. I love all these dvds, but my favorite is HiIT!!! 3 short, like 20 minutes, but oh-so-effective, workouts. Hiit workouts are AMAZING.

On the 7th day, I did Cathe’s Yoga Relax, Yoga MAX (AWESOME!), or Stretch Max dvds.

“But, but, I feel so goofy and silly working out at home!”

Try a Cathe workout. Just try it! Cathe knocks the silly and goofy right outta me pretty quickly. 🙂

I naturally cut back on sugar by reducing sodas and sweet tea, and I did focus on eating healthy food, but I wasn’t really all that strict about diet.

That’s it, guys! The supplies are some dvds, some weights, a step bench if possible, and a good attitude or self-discipline – either one will work, both would be GREAT! 

Please let me know if you have any questions! I know there’s a lot of info here and things to consider, but YOU are so worth it!!! Look for more posts and info about other dvds as I share my new plan to get this weight off! My goal is to lose the weight before we bring our newly adopted children home. I really do need to be healthy for ALL my babies, and for myself, too. Let’s DO THIS!

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