Veritas Press Self-Paced Online Classes: An Honest Review!

Veritas Press Self-Paced Online Classes: An Honest Review!

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What are Veritas Press Self-Paced Online Classes?

Veritas Press has been a great resource for high quality curriculum and books, especially for home school educators who are drawn to the classical education model, for years. Veritas offers live online classes in many subjects  and self-paced online classes in history, Bible, and Omnibus.

History and Bible classes, for 2nd through 6th graders, are led by very entertaining characters that my children have not forgotten! The talking Sphinx is still their favorite! There’s a song that goes over all the events that are covered and our youngest still LOVES it! She was 3 or 4 when we started, and I was so impressed at how much she retained! Learning games, activities, and quizzes are built right in – there is no parental prep required. NONE! There is the option of getting recommended reading books to go along with each class, and we have done that because the books are excellent. We haven’t required the reading, though, and we didn’t have to, because the children read them all right away!

Are Veritas Press Self-Paced Online classes a good choice for your homeschool?

Omnibus is a super special series of classes that covers history, theology, and literature for 6 years, 7th through 12th grades. By “literature”, they mean the Great Books. This ain’t no namby-pamby reading class. Each year of Omnibus is actually 2 classes, Primary and Secondary, that are meant to be taken simultaneously, but can be taken separately. Secondary is usually lighter reading, and there are 3 Secondary classes for every 5 Primary. If both are taken together, they are the equivalent of 3 high school credits per year. Veritas approaches the Great Books and discusses issues like abortion from a Christian worldview. And they meet those adult issues head on.

Omnibus is a challenging program, and it’s exactly what we needed. We have found it to be a little more challenging than BJU’s upper level online Bible classes, which we also love and use. The two programs do go well together for us.


Why we LOVE Veritas Press Self-Paced Online Classes!!

We have used their self-paced online classes for about 4 years now, with 4 children who vary in their abilities.

Here’s why we love them:

  • EXCELLENT teachers, who talk to the students as if they were adults. We could just stop right here, but…
  • Very well done virtual field trips to the sites where big things happened. The children LOVE the on location talks.
  • VERY high quality productions that we all enjoy. Check out the previews on their website.
  • Commentary and debate by experts, people to whom my children might not be otherwise exposed.
  • LOTS of quality reading. Our children are more well-read than we are.
  • Christian discussion of current issues.
  • I have noticed a tremendous upswing in their Christian maturity and thought processes. They are taking things to heart and considering things that their dad and I weren’t even thinking about until well into our adult years.
  • Customer service. Every time I call, I’m just blown away by their professional customer service.
  • Did I mention ZERO parental prep?!?!? Quizzes and tests are built right in, so no work there, either.

    4 children on sofa reading piles of high quality books, most from Veritas Press to go with their Self-Paced Online classes.
    Here’s an older photo of us unboxing books to go with Omnibus 1 and a couple of the self-paced online Bbile and History classes. We weren’t getting very far! 😉

What are the cons?

  • We are Baptist, so there are a few doctrinal differences that pop up. It’s not a big deal, for us, and gives us an opportunity to consider and talk about things that we might not otherwise.
  • Consider the maturity level of your student before starting Omnibus. There are some unsavory happenings in many of the Great Books and there is some nudity in some of the art used in parts of the program. If that is an issue for you, you might want to wait another year or so and reassess.
  • Typos. These are minor, but I am surprised that there are any, in classes by such educated folk and at this price point. But, then, I would imagine they are pretty busy! It’s understandable.
  • Cost. I hate to say that, because I do think these classes are certainly high enough quality to justify the costs, but for most of us, cost is a consideration. If you can, sign up during a sale (there are at least a couple during the year), and/or use the multi-class discount if it’s being offered and you have a need for multiple classes. If you have more than one student, you should be able to reuse the books for multiple children.

What about a discount?!?!?

As of this writing, Veritas is offering $100 off all self-paced courses through September 26th, and if you use this link, we will get $10 without any added expense to you! Pretty cool way to help out an adopting family, huh? We aren’t affiliates, and this is just a one-time offer only good through September 26, 2017.

Edit: Yes, this has expired, but I will keep a close watch, and if this offer should happen again, I will definitely let you guys know, both here on the blog and by e-mail to subscribers!

If you are Christian and homeschool for excellence, you might want to have a look at Veritas Press and their offerings.

Have you used Veritas Press Self-Paced Online classes? What did YOU think? Do you have any questions that I didn’t cover? Please leave a comment for me!

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